Causes in Colours Race

Supporting Breast Cancer, Autism and the Environment through a Fun and Challenging Race


In case you needed another reason to run, we created the Causes in Colours Race to help you make your decision.

Causes in Colours Race is a cause race which supports major issues known to our world, and through this race, we will be supporting 3 causes this year: Breast Cancer, Autism and the effects of Climate Change on the Environment.

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is a major issue in Jordan and this goes back to the lack of education about early checkups to diagnose Breast Cancer for women.Through this race, we will be spreading awareness about the importance of early checkups to help increase the probability of saving a life.


Lack of education about Autism and how to communicate with autistic people is an issue in Jordan. Spreading awareness about this and supporting researches about this through our race is one of our goals at this race.


Last but not least, we will be supporting and spreading awareness about the effects of Climate Change on the Environment, something which casts its shadows on the future of life on this planet.

How Do We Support These Causes

Spreading awareness through running a race, with a touch of the colours of our Jordanian flag and motivational music are all just part of how Runners Across Jordan will be supporting these causes as we will be giving away 20% of the total profits from this race and start something new in Jordan, non-profitable, which will help with research to help solve these problems from within its core.


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